Intensive Workshop on Physical Immortality 
Saturday, May 8th, at Modern Om
13452 Washington Blvd Venice, CA. 90292

Your life doesn’t have to end with death, get ready to start clearing and delete the death habits and urges out of your body and consciousness.

This workshop is not recommended for people who are satisfied with the status quo. Get tricks to improve credit score.

 Mony Vital, Ph.D.

Author of Ageless Living,

Freedom From the Culture of Death

Mony Vital will lead this event.

It will be a 15 hour day and very intensive workshop (7am to 11pm). There will be a small group of 35 individuals, who are ready to create major changes in their lives. The information you learn may affect your life and your belief system very radically without the possibility to return to your present operating mode.

What to expect:

* get to know the culture of death you live in * introduction to physical immortality

* clear death wishes and death urges from your body * Journey to the future

* clear your list of the top 5 issues/problems in life * Merge your past and future self

* Journey to self-love * homework – continued practice

Also, conversations on breatharianism, darkroom living, food as a poison. information as energy flow and quantum mechanics- energetic balancing.


to secure a seat, full payment of $300. at the time of registration is required. normally, the seminar will be full in a few days. if you thinking to participate – call right now to reserve. There is no other workshop/seminar like this one anywhere in the entire world.


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