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Dr. Mony Vital is a speaker, (known as AbaJi), writer and teacher on the subject of longevity and physical immortality. He has extensively studied hypnosis and Somatic therapies.

Dr. Vital is the director of Life Unlimited Research Network. He has a Ph.D. in research psychology and clinical hypnosis. Mony developed the Hypnosomatic technique and has national and international clientele. In addition he teaches the Hypnosomatic technique and Power Therapies to healthcare professionals.

Dr. Vital is the author of the highly acclaimed book Life Unlimited. This book deals with an exploration into physical immortality and includes a "how to" guide for longevity.

AbaJi is currently "Living on Light" (a form of breatharianizm). He is engage to creating "Immortality chamber" or "Regeneration/ Hologram" (device/structure) that brings and unified instant universal consciousness with our being and is powerful enough to change the original Matrix of our DNA and other matters around us. The transformation inside the Chamber is so profound it is the first step for understanding/acquiring the self mastery of Teleporting and Time travel. That is the junction where spirituality intersect to becomes energy and matter. This technology is based on Fractal Mathematics, Chaos theory, advanced Microprocessors, Scalar waves and Acausal physics. 

Vision of love from AbaJi

I have visited one of these spaces (Immortality Chamber) like/similar to the one used at the time of Atlantis, and now am interested to create/bring this possibility to all other humans. As you know by now, we (earth) are moving toward the greatest shift/change that will affect all our Elementals as we know them, in the very near coming years. At this time there is a need for preparation for these flux energies/consciousness, for us to be able to receive, and accommodate the new earth matrix. The individual "light person" will receive a notice via his higher-self to start raising the vibration.

While continually working on my research and the Immortality Chamber project,  I relied on my own resources, until now, I have paid for all the research out of my own personal fund, however, at this time I have run out of funds for the next stages; the construction and operating the center. I would like to receive private unconditional funds only (without government strings). For further information about the projects please call or email. If you are connected to a group/association that is willing to help continue fund the research, please help out with that connection. The sum for creating the chamber is not too large, and the project can be completed very quickly, the technology already exists and only needed to be further advanced and assembled. 

Much love and light

Abaji Mony


Life Unlimited Research Network
Mony Vital, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 1070 Del Mar, CA 92014 
Voice: 800.701.9375

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